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Rosalie's of Sedona is a distinct full-service catering and design company that will customize a one of a kind event that your guests will never forget. We are the only caterers in the area that are fully licensed and insured for off-premise catering. Our passion for food and events is what motivates us to be the best in the industry. With our experienced planning professionals and culinary team we will help achieve your vision to create a unique and memorable event.


Our team caters to you. With our experience and innovation, we tailor to your specific vision and style. As a full service company we will make sure the process of planning is an easy, comfortable and effortless transition. As with anything in life, challenges will arise. We pride ourselves in overcoming those trying tasks by prioritizing your needs and providing exceptional customer service.

Where no event is too grand, we will cater the most intimate of receptions to the most extravagant of parties. We specialize in providing the best of service to any occasion... where your dreams and imagination can come to life with a call to Rosalie's of Sedona

Channeling our passion into something wonderful

Marc Anthony once said, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

I stopped working the day I began my catering company.

I moved to Arizona in 1996 to be closer to my parents and participate in their restaurant. Shortly after, Rosalie’s of Sedona was born from my newfound love of food. A couple years later when I was offered the opportunity to grow my business to include a physical location, I jumped at it. We have been growing by leaps and bounds since.

It’s every new challenge before me that makes me come alive. I look forward to each event, and the opportunity to put myself to the test. I thrive under pressure, and have never found a hobby or job that brings me quite the same feeling that I get when I am creating a new menu or packing up after an event executed perfectly.

But it's not just one person that makes a company successful - I'm surrounded by a team of people that feel as passionate about this work as I do, and Rosalie's of Sedona would not be what it is without the dedication and expertise that each individual brings to the table.

I know that I will never look back, only forward. I am always eager to see what new event might bring.

Bonnie Grant

Director-Rosalie's of Sedona

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